Don’t Install Windows 10 – You CANNOT Stop Automatic Updates and it TOTALLY Screws You!

Windows 10 Frustration

Edit 25 Aug: There are a couple of ways of disabling auto updates, in the pro version at least. Scroll to bottom to view one of them (it worked for me)

For anyone who is considering the “free” upgrade to Windows 10, I highly recommend you don’t bother. One of the biggest problems I have found with the operating system (OS) is that there is NO option to turn off automatic updates. In fact, the only option other than “automatic” is “choose when to restart” after an update has installed.

And if you think that isn’t a big deal…’re wrong

Never mind recent talk of an Nvidia driver clash that totally ruined the drivers for those users, thanks to Windows Update, or the update which caused an endless loop and rendered the system totally useless, unless using a registry fix. I’m talking about something even simpler, and far more annoying.

Firstly, I will say I installed Win 10 on both my laptop and desktop, however, since the desktop is usually always on, updates don’t cause many issues. The problem is with my laptop. Since I rarely turn the thing on, once I do it automatically begins downloading and installing copious amounts of updates. This wouldn’t be a problem if the laptop cost thousands of pounds, but it didn’t.

Microsoft Fail

It’s by no means a high spec device, but it’s only 3 years old. It ran Windows 8.1 without any problems and never lagged, even with multiple programs open at once. Yet when I installed Windows 10 I am incapable of even opening one file because it is too busy with the updates – updates I did not ask for, did not need and did not want.

Microsoft says it’s to keep systems secure

This is fine in principle, but in reality it is a fucking farce. Posit this – Microsoft release a new update to all systems, which then turns out to be a buggy update and totally disables said systems. Then what? Well, you either have the technical know-how to restore the system back to a previous version, or you’re completely screwed. However, the problem with restoring it is that Windows will once again automatically download and install this buggy update……seriously, WTF?

Maybe the updates will be fast though?

I turned my laptop on one hour ago, and before that it had been switched off for two weeks. It has just finished installing updates…..then it said “downloading updates” again. So once it downloads more updates, and then installs them, it will hopefully be finished and I can restart and use my laptop. Of course, that’s assuming it doesn’t have more updates to download and install!

Let’s say two hours in total before I can even view a file on my laptop…..I am almost speechless. Imagine you’ve had a week off work, didn’t need your laptop with a fresh Win 10 install. You then go back to work and say “Oh yeah, I have that spreadsheet on my laptop…” well good luck with that one! If you’re lucky it will be ready by lunchtime.

Microsoft Sucks

As I type this my second batch of updates seems to be stuck at 15%

I have a recovery partition on a flash drive, which contains Win 8.1. I just can’t handle the worthless shit that is Windows 10. Microsoft has made a MAJOR fuck up this time. It reminds me of Windows 8 having no start menu, until MS finally admitted they were wrong and reintroduced it in Win 8.1. Let’s hope they do the same and return Windows Update to the way it was, and the way it should be. Telling people what to do in today’s day and age is disgraceful, reminiscent of the Nazi regime. Perhaps that’s too harsh a comparison, but that’s how pissed off I am right now.

One method to turn of auto updates in Win 10 Pro:

1. Windows keys + R

2. gpedit.msc, press enter

3. Go here Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update

4. Double click on “configure automatic updates”

5. Click “enabled” then in the options below choose how you want updates, I choose to notify when to download and selected every Sunday. Not perfect but much better than constant updates every time I turn my machine on.

New UK Lottery Prize Structure is TERRIBLE

I just saw on the news this morning that the UK lotto will soon have 9 numbers more, totalling 59. I did a quick calculation and it’s around 45 million to 1 now to match 6 numbers, confirmed by the the lottery’s official website. I went to their website to see how they can possibly do this and keep people interested in their tax on the poor.

First of all, your chances of becoming a millionaire go from 14 million to 1 down to 10 million to 1!!!!! Wooptie freaking do. I thought to myself, “Well, at least the chances of winning a prize have increased,” I was wrong. The picture below shows that the odds of winning a “prize” have gone down from 1 in 54 to 1 in 9.3, which is technically correct, however, that’s only because netting 2 numbers gets you a free ticket in the next draw (effectively a prize of 2 stinking pound). The odds of finding 3, 4, 5, 5 and the bonus and 6 numbers has skyrocketed significantly, and the price of a ticket remains the same. So, all in all, you now have LESS chance of winning anything worth a damn.

Lotto Prize Structure

The only thing that will change is that rather than winning nothing for 2 numbers you will win a free ticket. Seriously, who gives a shit? A free ticket to play a lottery with astronomical odds of winning something useful. They should just make 2 numbers payout £5 and keep the same amount of numbers, they would still be making a retarded amount of profit.

Apparently, they will be guaranteeing a millionaire in each draw with their raffle. Give me a break. You have more chance of going to the moon than winning a million in their raffle. This raffle serves no purpose other than to delude the public into thinking they will become a millionaire, decreasing the overall odds from 14 to 10 million to 1, despite the fact that finding 6 numbers now has odds of 45 million to 1, rather than 14 million to 1. Finding 3 numbers is almost 100 to 1, compared with roughly 50 to 1 in the old system. How can they possibly justify such a ludicrous change?

I for one hope that player numbers decrease dramatically with this moronic new system and it forces Camelot to think again, and learn some basic mathematics since they clearly don’t have a fucking clue.

TL:DR The new UK lotto will be harder to win and their odds for winning a prize have decreased only because you get a free ticket for 2 numbers, which isn’t a fucking prize at all; it’s a scam. You will not win anything worth a damn, EVER.

And if any of the geniuses who work at Camelot are reading this, Making the lottery even harder to win is not going to solve your dwindling player numbers you dumb fucks – get a grip.

Evidence that Ghost Mine Was Fake



I wrote a blog a while ago entitled “Do Ghosts Exist” and blabbered on about energy and all that stuff. Nothing too exciting; I was just bored. Anyway, I mentioned Ghost Mine in that blog and talked about all the interesting stuff that happened. The show was portrayed as factual and it was quite convincing, mainly because of the “miners” and feasible “evidence”. A simple Google search will now show that the show’s main hosts aren’t as they seem. Most people are aware that Ghost Mine is fake now, but at the time they were fooled.

Patrick H.T. Doyle was a paranormal investigator on the show and he was partially famous prior to this thanks to his radio show and Haunted Hoax website, the latter focused on debunking ghost “evidence”. The site was completely deleted and all traces of it removed, including YouTube videos and images. However, he/they couldn’t remove Google cache data. I wanted to share some of the site’s content because some  people might not be aware of how to find it. On the site’s home page you can see Patrick appearing as a ghostly image:

Haunted Hoax Patrick Doyleand directly below this image:

Haunted Hoax TextTo be fair, Patrick never talks about his disbelief in ghosts or the paranormal, but rather his disgust at the way paranormal TV shows had milked the whole thing. He talked about how his fake videos had intrigued lots of people who believed in ghosts, even though he said in the video description that it’s fake people still messaged to say how amazing the footage was and believed everything they saw.

Fake HauntingsThe last image is an extract from his very last blog, published in 2011. He freely talks about faking evidence and then goes to work on Ghost Mine, after saying how much he hates those shows. Why did he try to hide his former beliefs so thoroughly? What was he trying to hide? If Ghost Mine is real then surely he would be praising the data he found on the show and promoting it on his blog for the world to see. Instead he does the opposite and tries to hide everything about his former self, perhaps because the pay check was too big to turn down.

The very last paragraph in his last blog:

Last Haunted Hoax PostHe was talking about debunking paranormal investigators and claiming most of them were like drug addicts; chasing a thrill and unable to quit their habit. He mentions how people become obsessed with ghost hunting and lose track of reality. So, why on earth did he go to work on Ghost Mine with all this criticism of ghost TV shows and their hosts? It doesn’t make sense in a lot of ways. But it’s clear that Ghost Mine was completely spurious. I just wanted people to see some evidence rather than a few forum posts with no proof either way. To quote Patrick:

“presents an opinion and gives you the information you need to decide for your self”


Cheap Radeon Graphics Cards as the Altcoin Phenomena Dies


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I wrote a post about a month ago talking about how altcoins are dying and now it seems as though they are almost completely dead. At the time there was a small profit in most scrypt based coins – but it was negligible. The price of altcoins was gradually diminishing, no thanks to the sheer number of new (mostly scam) coins that saturated the market. The developers were the only real winners with these new coins in the long run, but an unfortunate consequence of the devs’ greed is that the entire altcoin phenomena is now in peril.

Altcoin Future Looks Bleak

Perhaps it will recuperate one day, but it seems doubtful. The markets were flooded with useless altcoins that offered nothing new in terms of innovation – dooming them from the offset. Sure, scrypt-jane and adaptive N coins offered a new algorithm, though they tended to require specialized miners that put lots of people off. Even for those who could be bothered re-tuning their GPUs, the profitability didn’t last for long.

On top of the declining value of altcoins, bitcoin’s value was also diminishing (and Virwox remains my exchange of choice since it’s the most secure and instant), although the latter has a reputation for bouncing back. Most altcoins were made for short term gains and even those with a solid launch and avid followers were only successful as long as they were profitable. Now nothing is profitable unless you have free electricity, and even then it’s more feasible to just buy them rather than devote time to maintaining a rig.

People are flocking to eBay to sell their GPUs, with 7950s as low as £150 in the UK and $200 in the US, but I predict they will have to go a lot lower as miners with huge rigs (some with several hundreds GPUs) frantically try to recoup their expenses. I sold my 7850 a month ago when altcoins were only slightly profitable, mainly because they were going down in value each and every week. I got lucky and sold it for 90% of what I paid. My 7950 is kept for gaming, something that might give other sellers hope since Elder Scrolls Online was just released so perhaps they will find buyers.


Crypto Rush was the latest victim of a hacking scandal and that hasn’t helped matters. People are losing faith in cryptos altogether because of all the hacks and scammers. Be it the devs flooding the market with worthless coins or the exchanges run by idiots and/or scammers. This is an unfortunate mess for the entire crypto world and one that looks unlikely to recover to its former glory. The future of bitcoin has never been in doubt, even after Mt Gox’s collapse. I suppose litecoin also has a future, but the difficulty is so high now that nobody really wants to mine it. Why mine something that costs more electricity than it’s worth? Just buy them.

My advice in the last post was to mine for fun because it’s not going to be profitable much longer. My advice now is the same except that it’s definitely not profitable anymore!

Altcoins are Dying

(If you don’t know much about Bitcoin then check out this eBook)

UPDATE: 4th April, check out the latest blog for up to date info

I talked recently about how you can mine scrypt/scrypt-jane altcoins and exchange them for bitcoins, something that’s far more profitable and effective than mining bitcoins (or litecoins) directly. However, this is becoming increasingly difficult to do. One obvious reason for this is that too many people know about it, thus more people are selling while buyers remain fairly constant. This drops the price of altcoins, which leads people to try different coins, and the process continues.

Litecoin Mining

Eventually lots of profitable altcoins soon become worthless and not worth mining at all. This is a trend that seems unlikely to stop anytime soon. People who aren’t familiar with mining try to make some money by buying low and selling high on cryptocurrency exchanges, but their money can only go so far. New miners and new altcoins are appearing almost daily, yet buyers are not. That’s why almost every altcoin is decreasing in value (even litecoin), and it’s unfortunate for miners who have worked hard to build a rig and are now trying to recoup their investment.

Mining as a hobby isn’t dead, but it seems as though mining as a source of income is

Unless new buyers appear soon, the value of scrypt altcoins will struggle to go up again. Of course, as bitcoin becomes more accepted in society (Virwox remains the easiest way for newcomers to acquire bitcoins since they accept credit cards and PayPal) people are more likely to invest in altcoins too, though it’s hard to speculate as to if and when that will happen. Many are choosing to hold their bitcoins, and even litecoins, but it seems unwise to hold anything other than those two. Some people do hold other altcoins, but it’s hard to envisage any of them lasting if even litecoin is struggling.

Litecoin Profit

Altcoin mining is still profitable, but for how long

Cryptocurrencies are still fairly new, especially scrypt based coins, so it’s impossible to make exact predictions. However, the market has shown a consistent and steady decrease in altcoin values, in almost every single coin out there. Even newer scrypt-jane based coins start off well (for a week or two) then their value plummets. But at least scrypt-jane coins are based on a new algorithm, something most altcoins don’t bother to do. They offer nothing new to the market, other than a different name.

The reason people keep making new altcoins is simple – GREED

The developers of all these new coins stand to make a fortune, mainly because they premine each time. Often they mine 1% before releasing a new coin, which might not sound like a lot but if you consider the fact that this 1% could be sold for 50-100 bitcoins, it’s easy to see why they do it. They pretend to “support” the coin and promise to maintain and manage it – but it’s rarely true. They work with it for a couple of weeks until they’ve sold their premine and make about $50,000 each time, not a bad ROI eh?


Miners try to stay on top of these new altcoins and get in early so they too can make some profit, but it won’t be anything close to what the devs make. Then there’s the risk of downloading a virus or spyware with these new wallets/mining programs. Quite easy to include a virus because many of these tools are already flagged by anti-virus software, meaning people disregard any warnings automatically. Of course, word quickly spreads if a program does have a virus but by then it could be too late.

The point of this blog is just a reminder to anyone considering mining as an investment

If you’re going to mine as a hobby or just for fun then it’s still a worthy endeavour, and it sure as hell beats buying bitcoins considering the moronic banking systems and their archaic “safety measures”. You will make a profit in the sense that your electricity costs will be covered, but don’t get into mining as a business or for profit anymore because it will likely lead to disappointment. Of course, the value of altcoins could increase eventually, but I highly doubt it.


Mining Bitcoins isn’t Profitable Anymore – But You can Make Money via Altcoins


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(If you don’t know much about Bitcoin then check out this eBook)

UPDATE: Even altcoin mining is a waste of time now, mentioned in more detail in my latest blog post

Bitcoin mining has now become so difficult that only a minority of people with expensive ASICS (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) can make money, and even then they can struggle to get a return on investment (ROI). Unlike with bitcoin mining, scrypt cryptocurrencies, such as litecoin, worldcoin, dogecoin and netcoin, can be mined with a graphics card (GPU) and are therefore still profitable. Far more profitable than bitcoin or other sha256 coins.

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Due to the nature of scrypt cryptocurrencies, ASICS are hard to produce and so far nobody has been able to do so. Perhaps in the future ASICS will be available for scrypt coins but that is not a problem at present. Scrypt coins need massive amounts of fast RAM and that type of memory is not cheap, which is why high-end Radeon GPUs are still the best way to mine scrypt coins.

There are now so many scrypt coins on the market that it’s hard to choose which one to mine for maximum profit. One way to check this is to use a site like Coinwarz, which will tell you how much you SHOULD make in 24 hours with whatever hashrate you have. It isn’t an exact science because the difficulty of each coin fluctuates, however, if you stick with coins that have a steady difficulty then the profit estimates are quite accurate. Currently, dogecoin is one of the most profitable scrypt coins to mine, but that can change overnight so it’s vital that you keep up to date with current trends and the market value, as well as the difficulty.


Once you mine these altcoins then there are numerous exchanges you can use to trade them for other coins, including bitcoin, with total ease. One of the most well known of these exchanges is Cryptsy, but it is also the worst and slowest. My exchange of choice is Virwox but some don’t like the high fees, although I don’t mind paying a bit more for 100% security, speed and reliability. It can often take days to sort deposits and withdrawals, whereas other exchanges take minutes. More info on these exchanges is available in this blog.

The video above is to show you how to select the most profitable altcoins and how to set up a miner.


If you want to sell or trade bitcoins/litecoin/altcoins don’t use Cryptsy


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Cryptsy offers some of the worst services available out of all the current exchanges. They can take days to process a deposit of any altcoin and they NEVER tell people about this delay beforehand, instead just carrying on as normal while people lose money waiting for their deposits to come through. Once you send money to them you CAN’T cancel it so you have no option but to wait for them to pull their finger out.

There are some people saying their bitcoins have vanished completely and have no sign of them days after sending or withdrawing from Cryptsy. They shouldn’t have a website operational if it is clearly broken and useless. The problem is that they make a fortune from fees on that site so they refuse to shut it down and fix it.

There are loads of other exchanges available and my experience with them is much better than worthless Cryptsy. For example, I have used coins-e and Vircurex and deposits took 5 minutes, with transactions taking seconds. There is also Bter and Coinedup but I haven’t used those two so I can’t comment on them. Also, Virwox is good for just buying/selling bitcoins quickly and securely.

My advice is to use these sites instead because Cryptsy offers poor service and has little or no support available, even tickets go unanswered for days, useless.

Alternatives: (coins-e)

An introduction to bitcoin and litecoin mining – how to get started using your computer’s power to make money


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(Cloud Hashing is a great way to get started with no hardware required and check out this eBook if you’re completely new to Bitcoin)

Bitcoins have been around since 2009 but they weren’t a huge success at their launch, however, they are now worth over $200 each and that number looks likely to increase even more. Bitcoins are a cryptocurrency and they have been so popular because of the lack of centralization, meaning nobody can manipulate its value. Banks can manipulate inflation by releasing more paper money and dictating as they please, but with bitcoin it’s a digital currency run by average people, or peer to peer (p2p). There are lots of miners (programs to generate new coins) around and most of them take a bit of getting used to, especially for beginners. I started using them recently and I found it difficult to obtain a true newbie guide, instead having to read through countless tutorials just to find the answer to basic questions. A Google search was no use either because it kept leading to the same, unrelated information. I spent about 7 days reading through forums and eventually got the hang of it. Virwox is perhaps the easiest place for newcomers to buy bitcoins. Once I figured out bitcoin I moved to litecoin.


Litecoin is another cryptocurrency but it’s newer than bitcoin. Since it’s newer it’s easier to find new coins using mining software, although they are only worth about $2-3 just now. Some say litecoin will fail but the evidence seems to suggest that it will be a success, mainly because there is now so many people mining it, which is exactly how bitcoin became so successful. I decided to make a video showing beginners how too begin mining bitcoin and litecoin in a few minutes, which I would have killed for when I first started. For anyone who is already familiar with mining coins the video won’t be of much use.

The first video I made just show the quickest and easiest ways to get started, with little emphasis on why you need to do what you do. It shows you how to use USB block erupters for optimal performance and minimal power usage. I then decided to make another video showing how to mine solo for bitcoin and litecoin, something that is a bit more technical. A good thing about that video is how it shows you what a .conf file is, know as the configuration file. It goes inside the folder that a program is stored in and tells it what to do, nothing too difficult really, but learning the commands can be tricky and even a misplaced comma will prevent your miner from starting. You don’t need too much hardware to mine but a nice graphics card is a bonus, otherwise you won’t be able to do much. It’s hard to mine for profit but as a hobby it’s quite fun, plus it runs in the background so once you get set up you don’t need to do a thing, just sit back and get some cash!

Here is the first video showing how to get set up quickly, the next video shows you how to solo mine with both bitcoin and litecoin, enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE: To view the video descriptions and config files you need to watch the videos on YouTube.

Donations welcome:

BTC: 1AcNX35i6yeSEtobfnJLMqktEmkk4MAvyU

LTC: LQj5o6EgHPjTmBn9QzWvu93AUkUxw47VH6

Yahoo Answers Account Suspended after Four Years – No Way to Appeal



Yahoo Sucks - Worse than NazisUPDATE: 3rd Nov ’13 – I made a short video showing the process to appeal a Yahoo suspension. It’s so hard to find I had to phone them to find it out, proving how useless Yahoo is as a company and I will never be using any of their products again. I will embed the video here so others can find it easily.

After helping people on the UK Yahoo Answers community for over four years I logged in today to get this message:

Sorry, your Yahoo Answers account is currently suspended

We can’t let you participate on Answers right now. The most likely reason is that your account was in violation of Yahoo Answers Community Guidelines.

If you feel a mistake has been made, please contact us at

In meantime, feel free to browse Yahoo Answers.

The email address they give doesn’t exist, it just comes back with an automated failure to deliver message. So I then check my Yahoo email and indeed they sent one saying I had violated their terms of service. It too had an email address and it’s just the same as the one above, so that means there is no way to appeal. Four years of helping people and they thank me by telling me to eff off. Here is the question I answered that they deemed to be worthy of complete suspension:

Question: where does chillitorrent send its files?

Deleted Answer: Well I use utorrent and it saves them in the “downloads” folder of my computer. Also you could use Windows search to find the file, then right click on the file and type “open file location”

Violation Reason: Terms of Service Violation

I have NEVER had any problems with my account so surely a warning would have been more appropriate, well it seems like all the big companies have the same attitude now: We can do what we want and who’s going to stop us? Nobody that’s who.

I was level 6 and had something like 75% best answer and for I enjoyed helping people with computer problems, but I will never be using any Yahoo service again. A complete farce and it’s no wonder they are miles behind Google and Microsoft, where they will remain I hope. Zero customer service or appeal procedures, that to me signifies that they either don’t care or they were getting too many complaints, or both. It’s not so much the suspension that bothers as the total lack of appreciation for years of FREE work. I did come across a couple of phone numbers for Yahoo and I will phone them tomorrow (closed after 5pm like any true internet company eh!). Here are some numbers if you too are having similar problems:

020 7131 1000, 0870 352 2000, 0800 0289562

So many of the big internet companies now think they can do as they wish and I for one am sick of it. People need to speak up, the more the better. This @do as we say@ mentality needs to change. I recently had to stop using Google for searching because they kept spamming me with Captchas (sometimes 3 at a time) just for normal searches. I use Dudkduckgo with Firefox now. Sometimes when I use Chrome I will get a capcha instantly on my first search. The internet used to be free but now it seems as though it’s never really free unless you’re a multi-billion dollar company. To Yahoo I say this: I will make several new characters a day and spam your Answers with garbage, since I’m accused of breaking their rules then that’s what I will do. See how you like that you mofo’s.

Middle Finger to the Morons at Yahoo

The UK set to Ban Online Electronic Cigarette Sales


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UK Cigarette Tax

In this blog we talked about some of the benefits of electronic cigarettes, but the UK government are insisting on making them more difficult to obtain by trying to stop their sale online. There was a recent EU meeting that ruled in favour of e cigs, saying they should not be classified as medicinal and that’s great news for vapers in Europe. The fact that they aren’t classified as medicines means retailers have more freedom to distribute them, meaning smokers can relax for now. They are marketed as therapeutic rather than medicinal for that very reason, although it’s just dumb government regulations that enforce this. The UK government doesn’t care at all about people’s health, they just want to tax the hell out of e cigs like they do with regular tobacco.

We must be realistic here because the UK government makes an absolute fortune from tobacco sales, £12.1 billion in 2011/12. Since electronic cigs are increasing in popularity, they are now starting to take a notable chunk of that tax away from the government, which is why they are showing an interest in their sales. If e cig sales were bad the government wouldn’t care about how they are sold, or how they are classified (medicinal or therapeutic). Anti smoking campaigners ALL say that e cigs are amazing and much healthier than regular cigarettes, but the government simply doesn’t care about that; all they want is money.

The Halo e cig is one example of a quality product, manufactured with the users’ health in mind. It works by heating up liquid nicotine with a battery, this nicotine is pure and contains ZERO carcinogens at all, compared to over three thousands found in regular cigarettes. The lack of cancer causing chemicals is reason enough for everyone to switch to electronic cigs today, but not if the UK government get their way. There are rumours that they plan to ban them completely, unless of course they can regulate them the same way as real cigs. In other words, unless they can tax the hell out of them and rob the general public.

The government only cares about tax, people’s health is not on their agenda, although their spin doctors will make it seem like it is. How can health be a concern when any moron can see that e cigs are thousands of times healthier than regular tobacco. I myself used to smoke tobacco and I’m glad I switched to e cigs, especially considering I had failed to stop multiple times when using crappy patches or gum. The “approved” Nicotine Replacement Treatments (NRT) products clearly don’t help anyone, but of course the government charges a fortune for them anyway. They are happy to keep promoting these useless NRT products for the simple reason of money. They get very little money from electronic cigarettes so they want to change it so they do, simple as that.

Government Greed

Smokers know better than any politician how effective e cigs are, but that makes no difference to the arrogance of the morons in Westminster. Money Money Money (ABBA hit the nail on the head). Once the government can get their greedy paws into the regulation of electronic cigarettes it will be a whole different matter. They don’t want people saving money by using e cigs, they want people to spend more so they can collect tax on it. Why would a government gives two shits about electronic cigarettes if they actually do work and help people stop completely? It makes no logical sense.

Doctors and health officials all promote them, saying they are a lot healthier then real cigarettes and achieve better results than other cessation products. Given that information the government has no basis to try and ban them. But it’s typical of the morons in the UK political office, they just want to “help” people by making life more difficult for them. I really don’t understand why so many people want to immigrate to the UK because it is becoming unbearable to live in. Maybe one day I will have enough money to leave this dump, but not if the government keeps taking what little I have in moronic taxes.