I just saw on the news this morning that the UK lotto will soon have 9 numbers more, totalling 59. I did a quick calculation and it’s around 45 million to 1 now to match 6 numbers, confirmed by the the lottery’s official website. I went to their website to see how they can possibly do this and keep people interested in their tax on the poor.

First of all, your chances of becoming a millionaire go from 14 million to 1 down to 10 million to 1!!!!! Wooptie freaking do. I thought to myself, “Well, at least the chances of winning a prize have increased,” I was wrong. The picture below shows that the odds of winning a “prize” have gone down from 1 in 54 to 1 in 9.3, which is technically correct, however, that’s only because netting 2 numbers gets you a free ticket in the next draw (effectively a prize of 2 stinking pound). The odds of finding 3, 4, 5, 5 and the bonus and 6 numbers has skyrocketed significantly, and the price of a ticket remains the same. So, all in all, you now have LESS chance of winning anything worth a damn.

Lotto Prize Structure

The only thing that will change is that rather than winning nothing for 2 numbers you will win a free ticket. Seriously, who gives a shit? A free ticket to play a lottery with astronomical odds of winning something useful. They should just make 2 numbers payout £5 and keep the same amount of numbers, they would still be making a retarded amount of profit.

Apparently, they will be guaranteeing a millionaire in each draw with their raffle. Give me a break. You have more chance of going to the moon than winning a million in their raffle. This raffle serves no purpose other than to delude the public into thinking they will become a millionaire, decreasing the overall odds from 14 to 10 million to 1, despite the fact that finding 6 numbers now has odds of 45 million to 1, rather than 14 million to 1. Finding 3 numbers is almost 100 to 1, compared with roughly 50 to 1 in the old system. How can they possibly justify such a ludicrous change?

I for one hope that player numbers decrease dramatically with this moronic new system and it forces Camelot to think again, and learn some basic mathematics since they clearly don’t have a fucking clue.

TL:DR The new UK lotto will be harder to win and their odds for winning a prize have decreased only because you get a free ticket for 2 numbers, which isn’t a fucking prize at all; it’s a scam. You will not win anything worth a damn, EVER.

And if any of the geniuses who work at Camelot are reading this, Making the lottery even harder to win is not going to solve your dwindling player numbers you dumb fucks – get a grip.