Windows 10 Frustration

Edit 25 Aug: There are a couple of ways of disabling auto updates, in the pro version at least. Scroll to bottom to view one of them (it worked for me)

For anyone who is considering the “free” upgrade to Windows 10, I highly recommend you don’t bother. One of the biggest problems I have found with the operating system (OS) is that there is NO option to turn off automatic updates. In fact, the only option other than “automatic” is “choose when to restart” after an update has installed.

And if you think that isn’t a big deal…’re wrong

Never mind recent talk of an Nvidia driver clash that totally ruined the drivers for those users, thanks to Windows Update, or the update which caused an endless loop and rendered the system totally useless, unless using a registry fix. I’m talking about something even simpler, and far more annoying.

Firstly, I will say I installed Win 10 on both my laptop and desktop, however, since the desktop is usually always on, updates don’t cause many issues. The problem is with my laptop. Since I rarely turn the thing on, once I do it automatically begins downloading and installing copious amounts of updates. This wouldn’t be a problem if the laptop cost thousands of pounds, but it didn’t.

Microsoft Fail

It’s by no means a high spec device, but it’s only 3 years old. It ran Windows 8.1 without any problems and never lagged, even with multiple programs open at once. Yet when I installed Windows 10 I am incapable of even opening one file because it is too busy with the updates – updates I did not ask for, did not need and did not want.

Microsoft says it’s to keep systems secure

This is fine in principle, but in reality it is a fucking farce. Posit this – Microsoft release a new update to all systems, which then turns out to be a buggy update and totally disables said systems. Then what? Well, you either have the technical know-how to restore the system back to a previous version, or you’re completely screwed. However, the problem with restoring it is that Windows will once again automatically download and install this buggy update……seriously, WTF?

Maybe the updates will be fast though?

I turned my laptop on one hour ago, and before that it had been switched off for two weeks. It has just finished installing updates…..then it said “downloading updates” again. So once it downloads more updates, and then installs them, it will hopefully be finished and I can restart and use my laptop. Of course, that’s assuming it doesn’t have more updates to download and install!

Let’s say two hours in total before I can even view a file on my laptop…..I am almost speechless. Imagine you’ve had a week off work, didn’t need your laptop with a fresh Win 10 install. You then go back to work and say “Oh yeah, I have that spreadsheet on my laptop…” well good luck with that one! If you’re lucky it will be ready by lunchtime.

Microsoft Sucks

As I type this my second batch of updates seems to be stuck at 15%

I have a recovery partition on a flash drive, which contains Win 8.1. I just can’t handle the worthless shit that is Windows 10. Microsoft has made a MAJOR fuck up this time. It reminds me of Windows 8 having no start menu, until MS finally admitted they were wrong and reintroduced it in Win 8.1. Let’s hope they do the same and return Windows Update to the way it was, and the way it should be. Telling people what to do in today’s day and age is disgraceful, reminiscent of the Nazi regime. Perhaps that’s too harsh a comparison, but that’s how pissed off I am right now.

One method to turn of auto updates in Win 10 Pro:

1. Windows keys + R

2. gpedit.msc, press enter

3. Go here Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update

4. Double click on “configure automatic updates”

5. Click “enabled” then in the options below choose how you want updates, I choose to notify when to download and selected every Sunday. Not perfect but much better than constant updates every time I turn my machine on.