Yahoo Sucks - Worse than NazisUPDATE: 3rd Nov ’13 – I made a short video showing the process to appeal a Yahoo suspension. It’s so hard to find I had to phone them to find it out, proving how useless Yahoo is as a company and I will never be using any of their products again. I will embed the video here so others can find it easily.

After helping people on the UK Yahoo Answers community for over four years I logged in today to get this message:

Sorry, your Yahoo Answers account is currently suspended

We can’t let you participate on Answers right now. The most likely reason is that your account was in violation of Yahoo Answers Community Guidelines.

If you feel a mistake has been made, please contact us at uk-answers-appeals@cc.yahoo-inc.com.

In meantime, feel free to browse Yahoo Answers.

The email address they give doesn’t exist, it just comes back with an automated failure to deliver message. So I then check my Yahoo email and indeed they sent one saying I had violated their terms of service. It too had an email address and it’s just the same as the one above, so that means there is no way to appeal. Four years of helping people and they thank me by telling me to eff off. Here is the question I answered that they deemed to be worthy of complete suspension:

Question: where does chillitorrent send its files?

Deleted Answer: Well I use utorrent and it saves them in the “downloads” folder of my computer. Also you could use Windows search to find the file, then right click on the file and type “open file location”

Violation Reason: Terms of Service Violation

I have NEVER had any problems with my account so surely a warning would have been more appropriate, well it seems like all the big companies have the same attitude now: We can do what we want and who’s going to stop us? Nobody that’s who.

I was level 6 and had something like 75% best answer and for I enjoyed helping people with computer problems, but I will never be using any Yahoo service again. A complete farce and it’s no wonder they are miles behind Google and Microsoft, where they will remain I hope. Zero customer service or appeal procedures, that to me signifies that they either don’t care or they were getting too many complaints, or both. It’s not so much the suspension that bothers as the total lack of appreciation for years of FREE work. I did come across a couple of phone numbers for Yahoo and I will phone them tomorrow (closed after 5pm like any true internet company eh!). Here are some numbers if you too are having similar problems:

020 7131 1000, 0870 352 2000, 0800 0289562

So many of the big internet companies now think they can do as they wish and I for one am sick of it. People need to speak up, the more the better. This @do as we say@ mentality needs to change. I recently had to stop using Google for searching because they kept spamming me with Captchas (sometimes 3 at a time) just for normal searches. I use Dudkduckgo with Firefox now. Sometimes when I use Chrome I will get a capcha instantly on my first search. The internet used to be free but now it seems as though it’s never really free unless you’re a multi-billion dollar company. To Yahoo I say this: I will make several new characters a day and spam your Answers with garbage, since I’m accused of breaking their rules then that’s what I will do. See how you like that you mofo’s.

Middle Finger to the Morons at Yahoo