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UK Cigarette Tax

In this blog we talked about some of the benefits of electronic cigarettes, but the UK government are insisting on making them more difficult to obtain by trying to stop their sale online. There was a recent EU meeting that ruled in favour of e cigs, saying they should not be classified as medicinal and that’s great news for vapers in Europe. The fact that they aren’t classified as medicines means retailers have more freedom to distribute them, meaning smokers can relax for now. They are marketed as therapeutic rather than medicinal for that very reason, although it’s just dumb government regulations that enforce this. The UK government doesn’t care at all about people’s health, they just want to tax the hell out of e cigs like they do with regular tobacco.

We must be realistic here because the UK government makes an absolute fortune from tobacco sales, £12.1 billion in 2011/12. Since electronic cigs are increasing in popularity, they are now starting to take a notable chunk of that tax away from the government, which is why they are showing an interest in their sales. If e cig sales were bad the government wouldn’t care about how they are sold, or how they are classified (medicinal or therapeutic). Anti smoking campaigners ALL say that e cigs are amazing and much healthier than regular cigarettes, but the government simply doesn’t care about that; all they want is money.

The Halo e cig is one example of a quality product, manufactured with the users’ health in mind. It works by heating up liquid nicotine with a battery, this nicotine is pure and contains ZERO carcinogens at all, compared to over three thousands found in regular cigarettes. The lack of cancer causing chemicals is reason enough for everyone to switch to electronic cigs today, but not if the UK government get their way. There are rumours that they plan to ban them completely, unless of course they can regulate them the same way as real cigs. In other words, unless they can tax the hell out of them and rob the general public.

The government only cares about tax, people’s health is not on their agenda, although their spin doctors will make it seem like it is. How can health be a concern when any moron can see that e cigs are thousands of times healthier than regular tobacco. I myself used to smoke tobacco and I’m glad I switched to e cigs, especially considering I had failed to stop multiple times when using crappy patches or gum. The “approved” Nicotine Replacement Treatments (NRT) products clearly don’t help anyone, but of course the government charges a fortune for them anyway. They are happy to keep promoting these useless NRT products for the simple reason of money. They get very little money from electronic cigarettes so they want to change it so they do, simple as that.

Government Greed

Smokers know better than any politician how effective e cigs are, but that makes no difference to the arrogance of the morons in Westminster. Money Money Money (ABBA hit the nail on the head). Once the government can get their greedy paws into the regulation of electronic cigarettes it will be a whole different matter. They don’t want people saving money by using e cigs, they want people to spend more so they can collect tax on it. Why would a government gives two shits about electronic cigarettes if they actually do work and help people stop completely? It makes no logical sense.

Doctors and health officials all promote them, saying they are a lot healthier then real cigarettes and achieve better results than other cessation products. Given that information the government has no basis to try and ban them. But it’s typical of the morons in the UK political office, they just want to “help” people by making life more difficult for them. I really don’t understand why so many people want to immigrate to the UK because it is becoming unbearable to live in. Maybe one day I will have enough money to leave this dump, but not if the government keeps taking what little I have in moronic taxes.