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Cryptsy offers some of the worst services available out of all the current exchanges. They can take days to process a deposit of any altcoin and they NEVER tell people about this delay beforehand, instead just carrying on as normal while people lose money waiting for their deposits to come through. Once you send money to them you CAN’T cancel it so you have no option but to wait for them to pull their finger out.

There are some people saying their bitcoins have vanished completely and have no sign of them days after sending or withdrawing from Cryptsy. They shouldn’t have a website operational if it is clearly broken and useless. The problem is that they make a fortune from fees on that site so they refuse to shut it down and fix it.

There are loads of other exchanges available and my experience with them is much better than worthless Cryptsy. For example, I have used coins-e and Vircurex and deposits took 5 minutes, with transactions taking seconds. There is also Bter and Coinedup but I haven’t used those two so I can’t comment on them. Also, Virwox is good for just buying/selling bitcoins quickly and securely.

My advice is to use these sites instead because Cryptsy offers poor service and has little or no support available, even tickets go unanswered for days, useless.



http://bit.ly/1hrDgR9 (coins-e)