I wrote a blog a while ago entitled “Do Ghosts Exist” and blabbered on about energy and all that stuff. Nothing too exciting; I was just bored. Anyway, I mentioned Ghost Mine in that blog and talked about all the interesting stuff that happened. The show was portrayed as factual and it was quite convincing, mainly because of the “miners” and feasible “evidence”. A simple Google search will now show that the show’s main hosts aren’t as they seem. Most people are aware that Ghost Mine is fake now, but at the time they were fooled.

Patrick H.T. Doyle was a paranormal investigator on the show and he was partially famous prior to this thanks to his radio show and Haunted Hoax website, the latter focused on debunking ghost “evidence”. The site was completely deleted and all traces of it removed, including YouTube videos and images. However, he/they couldn’t remove Google cache data. I wanted to share some of the site’s content because some  people might not be aware of how to find it. On the site’s home page you can see Patrick appearing as a ghostly image:

Haunted Hoax Patrick Doyleand directly below this image:

Haunted Hoax TextTo be fair, Patrick never talks about his disbelief in ghosts or the paranormal, but rather his disgust at the way paranormal TV shows had milked the whole thing. He talked about how his fake videos had intrigued lots of people who believed in ghosts, even though he said in the video description that it’s fake people still messaged to say how amazing the footage was and believed everything they saw.

Fake HauntingsThe last image is an extract from his very last blog, published in 2011. He freely talks about faking evidence and then goes to work on Ghost Mine, after saying how much he hates those shows. Why did he try to hide his former beliefs so thoroughly? What was he trying to hide? If Ghost Mine is real then surely he would be praising the data he found on the show and promoting it on his blog for the world to see. Instead he does the opposite and tries to hide everything about his former self, perhaps because the pay check was too big to turn down.

The very last paragraph in his last blog:

Last Haunted Hoax PostHe was talking about debunking paranormal investigators and claiming most of them were like drug addicts; chasing a thrill and unable to quit their habit. He mentions how people become obsessed with ghost hunting and lose track of reality. So, why on earth did he go to work on Ghost Mine with all this criticism of ghost TV shows and their hosts? It doesn’t make sense in a lot of ways. But it’s clear that Ghost Mine was completely spurious. I just wanted people to see some evidence rather than a few forum posts with no proof either way. To quote Patrick:

“presents an opinion and gives you the information you need to decide for your self”