Old Picture of Ghostly Image

Everyone has a ghost story to tell or they will know someone who has had experienced a ghostly encounter. There are countless television shows dedicated to hunting ghosts and trying to prove definitively that there are supernatural entities living among us. I am a skeptic but I also like to keep an open mind, so I won’t discount the concept of ghosts completely, even if logic dictates they can’t exist. What I mean by that is simple; if ghosts did exist then surely there would be billions of them aimlessly wandering all over the world. People might argue that there are so few because they decided not to passover into the afterlife, although that would imply the existence of heaven or hell, something there is no proof of at all.

Recently I watched the show Ghost Mine and I was truly fascinated with the findings; unlike other ghost shows there was actually a huge amount of video, camera and sound evidence. The sheer quantity of evidence was hard to comprehend. For those who aren’t aware of the show I thoroughly recommend watching it, they even allow people to view online for free. The mine is full of gold but it has been closed for 85 years due to paranormal activity apparently, until one man decides to invest his life savings and reopen it.

He hires a crew and even though they are finding $30,000 a day in gold they all quit. The reason they give is they are tired of hearing and seeing things. So the guy who bought the mine hires another crew but this time he also hires two paranormal investigators and thus the show was born. What is truly amazing about this show is that the further they investigate the local area, the deeper the mystery becomes. Without giving too much away, they find paranormal activity all over the town not just the mine.

Unlike with regular ghost hunting shows where they ask a question and sometimes get a faint reply using an EVP, sometimes they get a response in a strange language, later realizing it to be Chinese or Cantonese. They then find out that 100 years ago there were plenty of Chinese workers, who were later slaughtered by racists and buried near the mine. Spooky eh?

By comparison to other shows, Ghost Mine is by far the most compelling and even diehard skeptics would be baffled by the evidence from the show. I have seen other ghost shows before and they are all pretty lame, at best capturing a tiny speck of light on occasion and going nuts every time an insect moves. But surely with all our modern technology we should be capturing ghosts on camera all the time, after all there must be lots of them. Of course, one downside of our technology is the amount of fake evidence being produced. The universe is just one big ball of energy, constantly changing and interacting. The energy is never wasted but just converted into other forms of energy. So it’s plausible that ghosts are just residual energy sources, although how they can last for hundreds of years is a mystery.

Ghost in Car

When I was younger I remember moving to a new home. I was moving stuff around my new bedroom and then a book turned the page on the other side of the room. Even though I was only ten I knew something moved it so the first thing I did was look for a draft from the window, but it was firmly closed. Then I ran down stairs a bit freaked out, to this day I have no idea how the page turned. Later in the same house I was wakened one morning with my bed violently shaking, so bad that I thought there was an earthquake. When I got to school I asked my friends if there had been an earthquake and they said no, weird. Anyway, I can’t explain those occasions and I’m not saying it’s a ghost, but it was something. Maybe it was residual energy or a strange fluctuation in air pressure (although I don’t see how).

The reason ‘m a skeptic is because I have still never seen or heard a ghost, but there must be some truth to it otherwise why would so many people believe in them. Some people have been so freaked out with a house that they had to move; nobody would go through the stress and expense of moving home without a very good reason. I’m not sure what I would do if I saw a ghost face-to-face but at the end of the day if it harmed me I would kick its ass when I was dead!