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One thing that lots of bloggers and other website builders often have is finding quality images that are safe to use. Although some people just think that doing a Google search for an image gives them the right to post it onto their blog, without repercussions. That isn’t really the case and it can end up with you being sued for copyright infringement. For most images there will be an owner and it’s fair to say nobody likes creating something and giving it away for free. Some might allow you to use the image with their permission as long as you source it. However, that involves finding the image’s owner and contacting them, which is very time consuming.

There is a quick workaround that will save you time and effort. In the video it’s easy to see how to access royalty free images in seconds; however, Google does NOT guarantee the images will be royalty free. Even though they aren’t 100% guaranteed, they are still a lot safer than just selecting any image at random. Typically I have found that this method will direct you to images on Wikipedia (or similar) and photo sharing sites, such as Flickr.

It really is an incredible tool from Google and it just shows how awesome they are, even though they are spamming my searches with too many ads these days!