MP Ruthless Tax Laws

The bedroom tax is one of the hottest topics on the news just now, partly because it is blatant robbery and a complete disgrace. For those who aren’t aware of how it works; if someone has four bedrooms in their council home but only uses three of them, they then pay a tax on that spare room. Considering that people with council homes are some of the less affluent in society it’s unbelievable that the government even created this policy in the first place. The economy is horrid just now and many are living in poverty, especially single mums who are constantly struggling to survive.

Prime Minister enforces bedroom tax despite opposition

Now that winter is approaching they will struggle even more, although Miliband has pledged to abolish it in 2015 if he’s elected. The fact that bedroom tax should NEVER have been introduced would be sufficient reason to scrap it immediately and it’s truly amazing it has been around this long. Most people don’t have the luxury of choosing where they live and this is even more true of council tenants; they either take what they’re given or they become homeless. That means they MUST take the home the council offers them and if it has an extra bedroom they will have to pay a moronic bedroom tax on it.

The government are trying to figure out how they can fill this gap if they get rid of the bedroom tax, perhaps the £7 billion bailout of Royal Mail would have been a good place to start, or maybe the RBS bailout. These companies were once reporting hundreds of millions profit each and every year which they then gave to fat cat executives. Once they do badly the taxpayer foots the bill; the poor getting poorer and the rich getting richer. This blog mentions the Royal Mail price hikes that are crippling small businesses, but don’t worry big businesses get a massive discount on their postage so it’s just the poorest in society that suffer, can you see a pattern developing here?

My sister has three kids and she was the one who told me about the outrageous bedroom tax and since she recently moved to a new town her new council home has four rooms, meaning she will have to pay this moronic tax. It used to be a child of age five needed a room of their own, but now they have increased the age significantly (to 8 or 9 I think). This is bureaucracy aimed at crippling families who are already living in poverty. Someone with three children should not have to pay a large portion of their income to the government just because they have an extra room. How about councils just give people a home that is suitable for their circumstances, perhaps if they didn’t sell most of them they could do that.

Amount of tax to pay

It’s just greed, greed and more greed by local and national governments and people are just sick of it. The economy is a disgrace because the governments continue to ignore the majority of the population and help the rich get richer. One person working for a bank in London earns £4 million a year simply because they help the bank make more money. A heart surgeon by comparison will earn 10% of that and they have a far worthier occupation. It’s okay though because single mums don’t need to feed their children they just need to pay this shambles of a bedroom tax, that will help our economy flourish!