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Old Useless Computer as good as GoDaddy

Preview: This blog tells you how to add alt tags to images in GoDaddy Web Builder v 7, plus it tells you how to add the Google Analytics code. However, I realise most people don’t have time to read an entire blog so I added a short video showing how to use Picasa for alt tags, plus I will add a note regarding the analytics next to the video. Edit: 26th March 2014 I deleted the video because people didn’t seem to like it.

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GoDaddy Website Builder version 7 is quite simply atrocious and full of bugs. For those who aren’t familiar with web design it seems like an easy option, simply buy a cheap domain and get the builder that comes with free hosting. The reality however is that you will end up wasting more time getting things to work.

Before I bought a domain three months ago I had no web design experience, not a shred of HTML or CSS code knowledge, but since being unable to put image alt tags on the website builder, I had to quickly learn some HTML code. The image feature on GoDaddy builder 7 is simple enough; you drag the image icon to wherever you want it on your website then select an image, easy, but what about the alt tags?

For those who aren’t aware, image alt tags have a small impact on your websites SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so not having any will affect your SERP on Google. They only play a small part on your SERP, but every little helps in the online world. Google’s robots can’t see images like we can so they need alt text to know what the image is about (and to see if it’s relevant). It’s a great opportunity to put in a few more keywords too so the fact that the GoDaddy builder doesn’t have this feature is a farce.

Fortunately, I found a way around this: I upload my images to Google Picasa and get the HTML code for it, then paste the HTML code into website builder. The only thing I need to change in the code is adding the alt text (easy enough just type alt=”blah blah”) and I can change the width and height accordingly. This is currently the ONLY way to add an image alt tag on the worthless website builder v 7. Previously I tried a few other things but it left my site with a horrid text/HTML ratio, so the Picasa method is by far the quickest and easiest solution.

Worthless GoDaddy

Then comes the problem with the “HTML option” in the website builder; if you try to drag the button to the bottom of your site and open up the HTML box, it just won’t display. You need to drag the box to the top of the website to get the thing to open properly, which can be a real pain in the ass when you have to edit the bottom of your website. Anyway, they released website builder 7 way before it was ready, but if this is what they class as “ready” they are sorely mistaken.

Almost always when you have your webpage finished it will look great, but I suggest checking it in another window and manually browsing your site after it’s published because it usually won’t look the same. There will be overlapped text and images, almost 75% of the time. Meaning you have to spread the contents out more. It’s truly unbelievable at the level of incompetence from such a big company.

Yesterday I spent all day trying to put Google Analytics code into my head section, something GoDaddy has in the site settings option. I would paste the code Google gave me, close the builder and go back in, the code would keep vanishing. I phoned GoDaddy and they told me the code was there, I checked with Analytics and the code was NOT there. Eventually I got fed up and just pasted the code into both the head and body sections, which worked. But something is clearly wrong here, either Google are wrong or GoDaddy are wrong….. hmmm I wonder.

I strongly advise against ever purchasing GoDaddy Website Builder version 7 because it is useless. Even if you have no knowledge of code you will find it 100 times easier to use WordPress, the only good thing I have achieved since buying it is learning a hell of a lot about HTML code. I recommend buying the domain name at GoDaddy and then using a hosting service from the ones mentioned at the top, since they make it easy to install WordPress, then you have total control of your website. If you too are having problems with the alt tags in this builder the short video below shows you how to use Picasa to add alt tags.

  • Google Analytics tells you to place the code in the <head> section, but that won’t work with GoDaddy (it used to but it’s just one of many bugs associated with their worthless product). However, one solution that worked for me on all of my sites is to simply place the code in both the head and body sections, although I think just the body is needed. Simple and it works.
  • If you are looking for better web builders then I suggest going with one of the hosting companies above since they automatically install a WordPress.org and that’s much easier and better than GoDaddy