Shut Down Sign

Blizzard announced that the Diablo 3 Auction House will be shutting down on March 18, 2014. This will be a major blow for players who “make a living” from the AH, with many bragging they make a fortune from flipping. The main reason for the closure is to encourage players to find their own loot, which is supposed to be a lot better with the new D3 expansion (a smart marketing move, maybe). Blizzard make $1 for every item sold on the real money AH and if you go by their official player numbers of 1 million a day, that can quickly amount to lots of cash. However, the new expansion is definitely something they’re expecting more cash from and Blizzard is keen to talk about the “new” looting system, supposedly a lot better. Forgive me when I think to myself, why the hell would I buy an expansion when the original d3 still has loads of bugs (too many to name). Some of these bugs are so basic that it defies belief that Blizzard can’t fix them (rubberbanding).

I can understand the removal of the real money AH, but the gold AH seems like an integral aspect of d3, particularly since the chances of finding decent items in-game are close to impossible. I have played d3 a lot in my spare time and have NEVER found one decent item, EVER. I have no choice but to get items from the AH because their game loot mechanics are atrocious. They say the expansion will fix this, yes but what about the millions of people who paid GOOD money for the original d3, many of which are asking Blizzard to make it offline (like the ps3 version). It seems as though Blizzard don’t give a shit about their core gamers (PC) and are more interested in making money, giving zero thought to the gamers themselves.

I think the AH has a lot of haters and a lot of lovers, but remove it and people will return to third party forums and undoubtedly meet a few scammers, overall items will still be sold for gold and real cash, but it will become “illegal”. It’s unfortunate that Blizzard have gone down this path but I’m sure lots of people will be happy, that is until they spend six months trying to find one item without success…..

Money and Greed

I will not be paying more money just to experience a better loot system, what a farce and an absolute insult to loyal d3 gamers everywhere.