Royal Mail ExtortionIt’s an utter disgrace that the queen’s head is on the postal service int he UK. I just tried to mail a parcel that weighed 1.6kg, I also checked the dimensions with a measuring tape before I left, Length: 40cm, width 30cm , height 7cm. Well within their website specs of 45 x 35 x 8. So that means a postage fee of £5.60 for second class. Straightforward enough right? Well the woman in the PO decided to instantly charge me £8 for second class, I told her I used a measuring tape and it was only 1.6kg, she said it’s too big, so I used their slot and it fit easily through it. She then conceded that I was right and I paid £5.60, however, most people wouldn’t bother checking their parcel before going to the PO, which is why I decided to write this blog.

The Post Office blatantly tried to rip me off and had I not argued they would have succeeded. I still can’t believe the queen’s head is on top of this organization, they should not be allowed to charge so much in postage as it is, but to try and rip people off in a horrid economy is beyond belief. I for one will be using Hermes from now on because it’s only £4.20 for up to 2kg parcel, plus they come to your door and pick up the parcel. The only downside is that you need a printer to print the barcode for the parcel, something I will happily be investing in because I now loathe Royal Mail and everything associated with it.

If Royal Mail don’t drastically change their pricing policies I can see them going bust, people aren’t stupid and in this economy they are looking for cheaper options for everything.Currently only MyHermes is cheaper for up to 2kg but anything heavier and their are plenty of alternatives to Royal Mail, most of which are vastly cheaper. I came across this Facebook page about Royal Mail Rip Off, feel free to visit it if you have nay complaints (I’m sure there will be a few).

Oh, one final thing to note I sold the item for £8 on eBay and once PayPal and eBay fees are taken off I made about 80p after postage….An utter disgrace.