If you are ever bored one day and want a good laugh, just go to YouTube and type in make money online. It’s hilarious that every single video follows the same basic principle and I always wonder what kind of moron would actually believe any of the shit. First, all they do is spend 15 minutes mentioning large cash amounts, while rarely ever mentioning what is needed to obtain such cash. Hell I could make a video and just sit there quoting cash amounts, maybe I should try it and see who is dumb enough to “buy” from me lmao.

Then they show you some statements, again with some pictures of cash in PayPal or some other affiliate site. Such statements are so hard to obtain so I am sure that is a strong selling point eh? Woah he is showing me $5,000 and he can make that a day, it must be soooo easy and everyone in the world could do this without ever doing any work, hahaha get real. I know most people wouldn’t fall for such moronic “marketing” tactics, but some people must or they wouldn’t be making the videos, or money for that matter.

Cartoon scam

I decided to write this quick blog because these scams are just annoying, but also highly hilarious and entertaining. I advise anyone who isn’t aware of such scams to just avoid ANYTHING that quotes cash amounts and says you won’t need to do much work. Life isn’t handed to anyone on a plate (well for the most part) and doing little for huge amounts of cash is never going to happen in the real world. However, if you want a laugh some time just check them out, believe me there are lots of videos about making money online and they are all hilarious. The plot is more or less the same regardless of what is on “offer” and the tactics are just retarded, it’s like a time-warp to the days of olde, when people were less informed and perhaps a bit vulnerable.

Maybe the most well known and risible companies I have viewed so far is Empower Network. They can talk for hours on end without ever mentioning a product or service, instead just talking about flash cars and dream holidays. If they spent as much time in real jobs as they do talking utter garbage they probably could afford such things!

I am morbidly curious as to how many spam comments I will get if people find this blog, about how their particular “product” is the real-deal and how everyone in the world can become millionaires after signing up. Oh and it will only cost $100 a month for administration costs, hahaha. Well I can only hope because these kinds of people need to be mocked, hopefully enough to make them get off their fat-asses and do some real work!