The 15 month sentence was a farce but the 30 month isn’t much better. For those who aren’t familiar with the sentencing structure I will explain how much time he will actually spend behind bars. First of all with a 15 month sentence you automatically cut it in half to 7.5 months, and then take one third off for an electronic tag, meaning 5 months behind bars. For any sentence less than 3 yrs this is standard practice, meaning the 30 months sentence is just the same, 30 becomes 15 then down to 10 months behind bars, disgraceful

Any sentence over 3 years means they serve two thirds of it, but with his new sentence 10 months behind bars just proves how inept and stupid the judicial system really is. What deterrent is that to paedophiles? Molest many children, some as young as 9, and serve a few months in prison, an absolute shambles. How such a lackadaisical approach to paedophilia is allowed in modern society is beyond belief. Even in prison such people are considered scum, but somehow the courts don’t seem to see them in the same light. I’m resisting the urge to say they are promoting paedophilia but it sure as hell looks that way to me, and probably most others.

He should have been given 30 years because his crimes have destroyed more lives than most murderers, but somehow he wasn’t. I’m still baffled as to how he got off so lightly, particularly since he was in a position of trust and held in high regard with many. It’s just unfortunate his crimes went unnoticed for so long, otherwise he would have been outed before he preyed on others.