UK Censorship of EZTV

1st Jun: Working for now

12th May 2016: New Proxy

Update (7th Jan 2016): EZTV


UPDATE: 17 July 2015 it’s becoming harder to find a reliable proxy for EZTV, but this one is working for now. If there comes a point when all proxies are blocked (doubtful) then just download SecurityKiss (it’s free), select a German server, then you can access eztv-proxy.net directly since it redirects to Germany before going to EZTV, nullifying any ISP blocks. It works for all the other torrent sites too!

UPDATE: 3rd March new proxy here

UPDATE 30 Dec 2014 – EZTV is back and can be accessed here.

UPDATE 13th Dec 2014 -Isohunt have resurrected the Pirate Bay to an extent and it’s available here.

UPDATE 11th Dec 2014 – both EZTV and TPB are still down, isohunt has also been blocked but this proxy is working for now, it isn’t as good as the others but it is better than nothing.

NOTE: 10 Dec 2014, TPB and EZTV seem to be experiencing problems just now, but I will update with new links when they are up and running again!

UPDATE 27th October 2014 – EZTV is back online and this proxy is working for now (use AdBlock to get rid of popups), and you can use Tor browser to access the site directly without problems since it encrypts searches automatically

The UK courts have again shown their ignorance by forcing ISPs to block access to EZTV. For those who aren’t aware of this site, it is a torrent site that gives people access to shows almost immediately after they have been shown on TV, which is particularly useful for American shows since the UK has to wait several months to watch on TV here. This follows a similar attempt to block access to The Pirate Bay, which is also a torrent site and probably the best known site in the world.

TPB didn’t waste any time in producing a work-around for that, however, and now there are 20 new proxy sites for each one that gets banned by the ISPs. TPB has a site dedicated to generating access for UK residents and it’s just a case of clicking on their logo to have a proxy automatically generated, good for them in my opinion. Hopefully EZTV follow them and produce such a site. They do have eztvproxy.net but that too has been blocked. I’m sure they will do a similar thing that TPB did; after all, they are closely related and often have the same content.

One quick work-around took me all of 30 seconds to access EZTV and it didn’t involve changing my proxy settings, thankfully. I know changing proxy settings isn’t difficult but since I use Cometbird for the most part I would need to switch to Google Chrome since it has easy proxy settings, but with Cometbird it isn’t as straightforward, at least not for me. The work-around I found was on the first page of Google but I won’t give the link in case it too gets banned. All I did was search for “EZTV proxy” and got a useful site, although it was a bit slow. I will post instructions on how to set a proxy for Chrome for those who don’t know, but don’t be put off if you don’t because it’s really easy. The problem with using a proxy is that you are going to another country before you access EZTV so it can be slow depending on which proxy you choose.

For a proxy list there are plenty to choose from and they’re always changing so just do a search for “proxy list”. Once you see a proxy try to choose one with high anonymity since the UK ISPs can sometimes recognize it’s you accessing EZTV and not the country’s proxy. 1. Go to Chrome settings, the icon on the top right of the screen. 2. At the bottom of the settings screen click on “show advanced settings” 3. Scroll down to “Network” and click on “change proxy settings” 4. Click on “LAN Settings” 5. Check the box that says “Use proxy server for LAN” 6. Enter the proxy and port you got from the proxy list website. Note it might take a few attempts to find one that works and that’s normal. Once you find one that works you can access EZTV or even TPB directly if you wish.

If you want to return to normal settings just uncheck the box etc. Easy Peasy. Enjoy. This link is working now (9th Jan 2014), but no idea how long it will be up for: EZTV P.S Feel free to leave comments and share using Twitter and Facebook to help spread the word! P.P.S Okay if proxies aren’t your thing there is a much easier method. Basically since EZTV is on TPB, you can just use TPB’s pre-installed proxies and type EZTV in the box, then rearrange by “uploaded” to get the most recent ones :p